Founded in 2004, the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network unites regions around the world to share and develop practices on stimulating creativity in society to foster innovation and prosperity. Our international orientation makes us a unique network of regions that put creativity and innovation high on the agenda. From the USA to China and Scotland to India, the Districts of Creativity network spans the globe and continues to grow.

Our mission

The core mission of the DC network is to make a more prosperous world through harnessing the power of creativity. We do this by bringing people together from across the globe and from various domains to promote and use the power of creative thinking and to identify new ways of combining knowledge, technology and resources.

Creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship
The DC members believe the combination of creativity/creative industries, technology/science and entrepreneurship is a major source of prosperity and growth. Creativity is what makes people, companies, and regions unique. It offers the capacity to find innovative solutions to challenges in society. It allows to create new products, services or processes and contributes to the creation of economic value and to the general well being of people.

Creative industries
The DC members see the creative industries as one of the key sectors for the future. As a hotbed for creativity, sectors such as design, fashion, gaming, media, arts… have the potential to act as driver for innovation through co-creation.

Global connection
The DC members believe that the future world is a connected one. The network wants to connect the minds of different disciplines and stimulate co-creation. Different cultural perspectives help lead to solutions with a global reach.