DC Network Meetups

DC Network Meetups

The online DC Network Meetups are about bringing together professionals from the different DC Network-regions to discuss specific topics related to cross-disciplinary creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. The idea is to share good practices/inspiring examples/projects and stimulate knowledge exchange in an informal setting.

Any DC Network-member can launch a topic as long as it relates to the mission and vision of the DC Network and the areas we work in (cross-disciplinary creativity and innovation). Each Meetup consists of a series of small (pecha kucha-style) presentations of projects/initiatives (app. 10 min. each) from different DC Network-regions, followed by a Q&A.

Our main target audience is experts/representatives of organisations active in interdisciplinary creativity, creative industries and innovation/entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers or anyone with an interest in the topic.

The next DC Network Meetup will be about The use of AI in Creative Industries (Dec 5, 2023).

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