DC Network Meet up #4 : The use of AI in the creative sectors – Dec 5, 2023

” Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

For the past few years, we’ve been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s making big paces with new and exciting applications. But for most, AI still feels like a fuzzy idea that’s hard to wrap our heads around. It’s almost like a magical thing rather than just a new tool born from technology.

This has made AI one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot, and frequently employed in a manner that is indiscriminate, erroneous, or lacking in completeness. The real deal is that AI is growing like crazy. But a lot of times regular folks—like everyday people, customers, and even workers—don’t even realize it’s there, quietly doing its thing.

This upcoming Meetup will showcase some of the practical applications of AI within the DC Network regions. We’ll talk about how entrepreneurs and companies are ingeniously incorporating AI across creative sectors.

The DC Network Meetups are about bringing together professionals from the different DC Network-regions to discuss specific topics related to cross-disciplinary creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship.  The idea is to share good practices/inspiring examples/projects and stimulate knowledge exchange.

Who’s this for?

Designers, Creative entrepreneurs, representatives of creative clusters, network and business support organisations, policy makers and anyone with an interest in the subject.


December 5, 2023 from 2:00pm – 3:30 pm (CET) –

Registration is required – pls fill out the form here.

Webinar link : zoom link


2:00 pmWelcome by Carles Gomara (Districts of Creativity Network)
2:10 pmFour inspiring creative initiatives and business models on AI (15 min. each)
– Nico Roig – CG Artist Metropolitana
– Stephanie Preuss – Director Content Innovation Springer Nature
– Jussi Lahtinen – Urban AI artist
– Antonia Folguera – Curator Sónar +D
3:00 pmQ&A & Networking
3:30 pmEnd of Meetup

About the cases


Nico Roig, CG artist – Metropolitana / https://www.metropolitana.net

New challenges in deep fake commercials in the era of AI. As deepfake production techniques fastly evolve through the implementation of AI tools, production houses become more ambitious and ready to take up the challenges thrown by creatives, commonly aware of production/budget limits. Our expertise in traditional post production techniques (such as 3D, compositing, color grading) has turned into a privileged partner to the generative imaging power of AI, and has allowed us to reach farther limits.  We will show some of our productions, great examples of this synergy.

Stephanie Preuss , Director Content Innovation – Springer Nature / https://www.springernature.com

As one of the largest scientific publishers, Springer Nature has been advancing discovery by providing the best possible service to the entire research community for over 180 years. We assist researchers in uncovering new ideas and ensuring that all the research we publish is significant, robust, and withstands objective scrutiny. Our aim is to reach all relevant audiences in the best possible format and ensure that it can be easily discovered, accessed, utilized, reused, and shared. Following a whirlwind of excitement in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI), it is almost unquestionable that large language models (LLMs) have the potential to transform the way we conduct and communicate science. However, the risks and limitations of relying on these technologies are also becoming apparent.

Exploring technological innovation, including the use of AI, has always been at the core of our work at Springer Nature. We anticipate that in the very near future, humans will utilize LLMs as tools to draft various content types, such as news articles, social media content, or even more traditional formats like Research Highlights. We are actively exploring the opportunities these tools may offer but not at the expense of trust and rigor.The case presented is an example of how Springer Nature is embarking on the journey towards the responsible use of LLMs in scientific publishing by developing tools that enable Springer Nature’s internal editors and authors to harness generative AI for accelerating content creation, such as plain language summaries of research articles or social media posts, in a responsible manner.

Jussi Lahtinen – Urban AI Artist / Urban AI – https://projects.tuni.fi/urbanai/

Urban AI Art is part of the Urban AI project that combines art and science. The main location of the project is the University of Tampere and it is financed by the machine foundation. Visual artist Jussi Lahtinen is responsible for the Urban AI Art artwork and for the technical implementation programmer Henri Sarasvirta, from Moido Games. The Urban AI Art work of art enables development into an art project that is international and communal, as it enables the collaboration of, for example, 100 works of art and artists. It renews the traditional concept of art, how the artworks are displayed. In the past, art has been in galleries and museums, Urban AI Art enables the artwork to be presented on all digital screens globally and to be viewed on a mobile phone.

Antònia Folguera – Curator Sónar +D – https://sonar.es/en

The latest advances in AI have basically entered our eyes, LLMs have revolutionized text and image, and audio and music seem to be trailing behind.

The truth is that music has been related to AI since the beginning. In this session we will retrace the path that AI and music have taken from 1957 until now and we will see some experiments that we have developed at the Sónar festival.

This online DC Network Meetup will be hosted by DC Network-region Catalonia and is organised by FlandersDC

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Carles Gomara
Host DC Network Meetup#4

Elke Timmerman
Coordinator Districts of Creativity Network

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