The DCLivingLab is a specific program for students (and alumni) during the Reverse Mission and/or Creativity World Forum. The participants work on challenging topics of their choice related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. With the help of facilitators and the input of (inter)national experts the students come up with ideas and new images and new directions for solutions to societal issues. At the end of the program all participants present their solutions and new insights with the DC delegates during the final event of the Reverse Mission/Creativity World Forum.

A first DCLivingLab was organised in 2016 during the Reverse Mission in North-Brabant. A second one took place during the Creativity World Forum 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark. More info on the DCLivingLab 2017:

The DCLivingLab 2018 will be organised in Flanders, Belgium during Supernova, from Sept 24-28. Find out all about it at!