Each year one of the DC regions organizes the Creativity World Forum. This flagship conference and gathering of the DC-Network brings together and inspires more than 1500 people to discuss creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. Government leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, policy makers… they all join to exchange ideas about how to make their regions hotbeds for innovation and creativity. Past speakers included John Cleese, Scott Belsky, Sir Ken Robinson, Oliver Stone, Tom Kelley, Malcolm Gladwell and Guy Kawasaki.

Video recaps of previous editions

CWF 2017 – Aarhus, Denmark



CWF 2015 – Oklahoma, USA


CWF 2014 – Kortrijk, Belgium


CWF 2011 – Hasselt, Belgium


CWF 2010 – Oklahoma, USA


CWF 2009 – Baden Württemberg, Germany


CWF 2009 – Baden Württemberg, Germany


CWF 2008 – Ghent, Belgium