Technology enhancing sustainability in fashion

DC Network Meetup: Technology enhancing sustainability in fashion

Wearable technology, high tech fabrics, AR, VR, data analytics, blockchain, nanotechnology, internet of things, robotics, 3D rendering,… can all have an impact and added value on how we create, produce, experience and consume fashion today and tomorrow. Concrete examples such as smart textiles for second life purposes, RFID tags for traceability or AR/VR sizing for…

MadeBrave - DC Network Meetup 1

First DC Network Meetup inspires with new creative business models & initiatives that tackled COVID-19

Article by Hanna Schäfer The first edition of the newly established online DC Network Meetups took place on May, 23rd, 2021. More than 50 participants from 13 countries all over the world joined to learn more about inspiring creative initiatives and business models that tackle the COVID 19 crisis. “Creativity doesn’t stop within the borders…

DC Network Meetup

DC Network Meetup: Inspiring creative initiatives & business models that tackle the COVID 19 crisis

All over the world, creative entrepreneurs come up with alternative concepts or methods to get their business through the corona crisis in the best possible way. They are looking for new income or chasing smart savings, which hopefully will continue to work after the crisis. In this online Meetup we will share some of the…

Moscow - Central Federal District

Moscow region joins the international Districts of Creativity Network

At its last International Council in January 2021, the Moscow region (the Central Federal District of Russia) was welcomed as the newest member of the Districts of Creativity Network (DC Network). Founded in 2004, the DC Network unites regions around the world that focus on cross-disciplinary creativity and innovation to improve prosperity. The DC members…

International Design Contest 2020

Call for proposals: first Shanghai – Yangtze River Delta international design contest

An opportunity for worldwide innovators to exhibit their talents online: the first International Design Contest 2020 in the Shanghai – Yangtze River Delta is officially recruiting now and will be held from 25-29 November, 2020. Designers have the chance to gain money prizes, showcase opportunities, project investment funds and business opportunities. The inaugural edition of…

Reverse Mission 2020 held in innovation state Karnataka (India)

From March 2-4 the Reverse Mission 2020, the annual work visit to one of the DC Network member regions, took place in Karnataka, India. Declared by the government as the most innovative region of India in 2019, Karnataka is home to a unique innovation ecosystem.

Creativity and urban development: report on the Reverse Mission 2019 in Baden-Württemberg

From 21-23 May 2019 the Districts of Creativity Network’s tenth Reverse Mission took place in Baden-Württemberg, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported the agency with the planning, organisation and realisation the Reverse Mission. The main theme of this fact-finding mission was…


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