Reverse Mission 2022 – Catalonia

Sustainable Creativity – Creative Sustainability

The Reverse Mission of the Districts of Creativity Network 2022 in Catalonia will focus on the interplay between Creativity and Sustainability, and how the two concepts reinforce each other in order to guarantee the future wellbeing by becoming not only environmentally, but also socially and economically sustainable and responsible.

We will learn about some examples of how Catalonia is trying to take steps to apply creative sustainability, while at the same time giving some food for thought and generating a debate on how we can all work together in order to confront these future challenges. We wil see first hand both private and public initiatives that showcase innovative solutions and how these can be applied to entrepreneurship and to public policy. ACCIÓ will introduce its new proposals on sustainability ProACCIÓ Green, and also will present how projects such as the B-Corp certificate can reinforce the role of companies as an engine for positive change.


  • Tuesday May 24th

    19.00 – Welcome. Standing dinner. Restaurant Citrus. Passeig de Gràcia, 44. Barcelona.

    On the first day in the evening we will meet up for a standing dinner and welcome event. It will be an opportunity not just to meet each other again, but also to mingle with some representatives of the projects we will visit. We will also be detailing all the practical and logistics information.

  • Wednesday May 25th

    08:30 – Meet outside Hotel and depart by coach
    09:30 – Active workshop and debate at Epicalab
    Lunch offered by Cuina Justa
    16:30 – Catalan Institute of Advanced Architecture
    19:00 – End of day programme – Free evening

    On the second day we will participate in a get-out-of-your-comfort-zone workshop with renowned urban theatrical group La Fura dels Baus and their foundation Èpica. We will reflect on the role of art and technology as divers for change. After lunch learn about the future of Urbanism and Smart Cities at the amazing venue of the Catalan Institute of Advanced Architecture, overlooking Barcelona. The food will be provided by the socially sustainable NGO Cuina Justa.

  • Thursday May 26th

    08:30 – Meet outside Hotel and depart by coach
    10:00 – Leather ClusterLeather Museum Curtits Badia
    Lunch at Somiatruites
    Punto Blanco
    19:30 – End of day programme. Free evening

    The third day will take us to the town of Igualada, a city with a long industrial tradition in textile and leather that has managed to adapt to the challenges of the XXI Century through a combination of successful private entrepreneurship and public policy. The city is also the base of the Leather Cluster of Catalonia. We will visit some examples of companies that through innovation and creativity have become leaders in their own fields, while keeping an eye on the industrial past. We will enjoy lunch at a very renowned restaurant placed in an old tannery, an example of how to cherish the industrial architecture by adapting it to current needs. 

  • Friday May 27th

    08:30 – Group A: Meet outside Hotel and transport to 22Ca l’Alier
    08:30 – Group B( SPOCS): Meet outside Hotel and transport to Pier01 Building for International Council.

    (Both groups)
    12:00 – Barcelona Disseny HubFADMaterfad  
    14:00 – Farewell lunch. End of programme

    On the final day (doesn’t time fly?!?) the mission will be busy, and will focus on the city of Barcelona. While the group of SPOCs meets for the International Council Meeting, the rest will take part in a visit through the innvoation, start-up and creativity- focused area District 22@, a great exemple of how to transform a district through public-private cooperation into a leading hub of technology, new urbanism, and the application of smart city initiatives. Some of the sites will include Ca l’Alier, an exemple of regeneration of an industrial site into the Urban Innovation Centre of Barcelona, and also a case of a sustainability urban lab.

    After the International Council we will convene at the Barcelona Disseny Hub, the inspiring Building that is home to the creativity and design ecosystem institutions of the city, as well as the Design Museum of Barcelona. There we will discover the initiative Materfad – Barcelona Materials Centre, a centre focused on innovation, creativity and sustainability through materials, and other institutions such as Fostering Art and Design, and the Barcelona Centre de Disseny. There we will learn about specific initiatives on creativity and how they can be applied to the market.

How to take part

Approach your District of Creativity Representative and register via this link.

Regarding accommodation, we suggest that you book your stay at the hotel Hesperia President via this link, which is about a 10-minute walk to ACCIÓ offices and very centrally located. Nevertheless, if you prefer other options, please do not hesitate to let us know.

As we will be booking some of the meals in advance, please do let us know of any special dietary requirements.

More info

Roger Suarez
International Networks Manager ACCIÓ

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