Shanghai – Yangtze Delta river region

The Yangtze River Delta (YRD) is an economic powerhouse of modern China. It is approximately the size of Germany and encompasses Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui. The area is home to 15% of China’s population and contributes around a quarter of the country’s GDP and more than a third of its foreign trade and investment in 2019, with a value of 11.24 trillion yuan ($1.58 trillion). In December 2018, the Chinese Central Government unveiled an ambitious plan further to develop and integrate the region over the next 15 years and in a way that will enhance the contribution of YRD to the national and global economy.

YRD City Creative Economy Cooperation Committee(CECC) is a regional inter-governmental agency approved by YRD City Economy Coordination Council (‘the Council’), comprising eight senior leaders from Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province.The Council holds an annual meeting in different cities, attended by mayors or vice mayors.


Lei Shen