Oklahoma, meaning “red people” in Native American Choctaw, is a state that finds inspiration in its creative and innovation pursuits from its rich history of Native American culture and “land-run” independence.  Oklahoma is home to 39 Native American sovereign nations. With a population of approximately 3,850,568, Oklahoma is the 28th largest state in the U.S. Its GDP is approximately $160.9 billion and Forbes has named it the 14th best state for business.  Forbes also recently ranked Oklahoma’s two cities, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the capital city, as the top cities in the U.S. for young entrepreneurs with Tulsa receiving the #1 location and Oklahoma City as #5.  According to a study published by the National Science Foundation in 2013, during 2011 companies in Oklahoma spent over $500 million on innovative R&D.


Meloyde Blancett
Executive Director – Creative Oklahoma

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