Video-report of the DCLivingLab 2018

45 participants from different nationalities and backgrounds took part in the third edition of the DCLivingLab, one of the core projects of the Districts of Creativity Network. The DCLivingLab is an international student workshop on creativity and innovation.

This year’s edition was organised by DC-Member Flanders DC and took place in Antwerp on Sept 24-28, 2018 during SuperNova. 10 teams worked on 5 real life challenges, coached by people from Flanders DC, the University of Antwerp and Achilles Design. Besides the workshop the students also participated in the conference and met various DC Network-delegations during a pitch night and closing showcase moment.

“This has been one of most amazing experiences ever. At first, I didn’t know what I was going into, but I learned so much and I enjoyed every minute of it. I got to meet an amazing group of people from different countries and made unforgettable memories with them,” said Ricardo Oropeza, a student from Northeastern State University, Oklahoma.


Working in an international team proved to be a rewarding experience for other participants as well: “DCLivingLab was empowering for my professional skills as well as a cultural enrichment. It has contributed a lot to my development as a young professional”, said dutch participant Anouk Van Bussel of the Avans University of Applied Sciences.


Next year’s edition of the DCLivingLab will take place during the Creativity World Forum 2019 in North-Brabant.

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10 of the most creative & innovative regions in the world meet at SuperNova, the festival of the future

With representatives from India’s fastest growing IT-hub Bangalore, innovation leader Baden-Württemberg, creative hotspot Catalonia, buzzing Central-Denmark and many other regions, SuperNova will mark the 40th gathering of the international Districts of Creativity Network (DC Network).

Every DC Network member region brings a high level delegation of entrepreneurs, innovation-experts, policy makers and regional representatives to SuperNova. SuperNova is a one-of-a-kind conference and festival in Antwerp (27-30 September) organised by flemish member Flanders DC, Scale-Ups.Eu and partners. Find out more at

“The delegates not only have the opportunity to see some of the world’s top tech and innovative minds at work at the SuperNova conference, but can share and learn from other regions and countries across the world,” says DC Network coordinator Carlo Vuijlsteke. At this year’s annual member meeting innovative projects and regional strategies will be exchanged and ways of cooperation discussed.

“SuperNova is a great opportunity to meet creative people from all over the world and to learn from their expertise and knowledge. Together with the delegates from Baden-Württemberg we are looking forward to get inspired and to bring back many fresh ideas to Baden-Württemberg and our creative scene,” says Hanna Schaefer, project Manager of Baden-Württemberg for the DC Network.

Next year’s gathering of the DC Network will take place in North-Brabant, during the Creativity World Forum 2019.

Creativity World Forum 2018 expands to SuperNova: festival of the future

This year the annual Creativity World Forum (CWF), one of the largest conferences on creativity and innovation throughout the world, takes place in Antwerp (27-30 September 2018) and exceptionally expands to SuperNova, the festival of the future. SuperNova is a one-of-a-kind event where today’s thought leaders, the most promising scale-ups and outstanding companies from all around the world gather in Antwerp – to talk, pitch and showcase.

SuperNova invites today’s game-changers and thought leaders such as Seth Godin (Global best-selling marketing author), Anna Rosling Rönnlund (one of Bill Gates’ five personal heroes), game designer Jane McGonigal (recognized as one of the world’s top innovators by MIT) and more on stage to share their visions and insights on the technologies, business concepts and creative ventures of tomorrow. Discover the speakers here!

SuperNova also invites companies to showcase themselves as innovators in their fields at the SuperNova Tech Fair! As an exhibitor, SuperNova gives you the opportunity to meet your next clients and partners at the biggest tech fair in Belgium and find the perfect match for your job vacancies.

The conference is also the top meeting moment of the international Districts of Creativity Network. The DC Network invites each of its members to join SuperNova with a high level delegation of entrepreneurs, innovation & creativity experts, policy makers and government officials.

Join us and 3000 creative minds and book your ticket now!

Apply now for DCLivingLab 2018: a unique journey into creativity and innovation

DCLivingLab is a five day international student exchange program on creativity and innovation, powered by the Districts of Creativity Network. DCLivingLab gives creative students the opportunity to work hands-on in an international team on a concrete business or societal related challenge and to be inspired by world renowned innovation and creativity experts. Apply now as a student and sharpen your creative thinking skills, learn how to interact in teams and work with stakeholders in a real setting!

DCLivingLab will take place from Sept 24-28 in Antwerp (Belgium) during Supernova (,  a one-of-a-kind international conference where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together.

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Impressions of the DCLivingLab 2017

Along with the Creativity World Forum 2017 in Aarhus (Denmark), more than 50 students from all over the world gathered in the DCLivingLab, a 5-day international masterclass in urban challenges. Two Belgian participants, Ellen Comhaire and Sebastiaan Van De Casteele, held a journal during the DCLivingLab with their impressions. Read their story here.

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