Call for presentations: inspiring creative initiatives and business models that tackle the COVID 19 crisis

For its upcoming online Meetup on March 23, 2021, The DC Network is looking for cases of creative entrepreneurs that due to COVID-19 have developed a new business model or changed their business model in a substantial way.

All over the world, creative entrepreneurs come up with alternative concepts or methods to get their business through the corona crisis in the best possible way. They are looking for new income or chasing smart savings, which hopefully will continue to work after the crisis. Governments alike are also looking at new ways of supporting businesses through this crisis. In the first DC Network online Meetup we will share some of the most innovative approaches in the DC Network regions of how creative entrepreneurs tackled COVID-19.

The DC Network Meetups are about bringing together professionals from the different DC Network-regions  to discuss specific topics related to cross-disciplinary creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship.  The idea is to share good practices/inspiring examples/projects and stimulate knowledge exchange.

What’s in it for you as a presenter?

  • You will be able to present your case to stakeholders from 11 of the most innovative regions across the globe
  • You can learn from other creative entrepreneurs
  • You can network with possible partners to expand your business model

Send in your proposal!

  • We are looking specifically for cases of creative entrepreneurs that have developed a new business model or changed their business model in a substantial way because of COVID-19.  Business models that can be expanded or transferred to other regions within the network and/or business models that are cross-overs with other sectors are even more encouraged.
  • Submit your proposal (deadline: 25/02/21) through this form. As part of the format of the DC Network Meetups, your presentation should be max. 10 minutes. 
  • A total of 5 projects will be presented during the Meetup. 
  • The target audience are creative entrepreneurs, representatives of creative clusters, network and business support organisations, policy makers and anyone with an interest in the subject.

More info: