Creativity World Forum

Each year one of the DC regions organizes the Creativity World Forum. This flagship conference and gathering of the DC-Network brings together and inspires more than 1500 people to discuss creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. Government leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, policy makers… they all join to exchange ideas about how to make their regions hotbeds for innovation and creativity. Past speakers included John Cleese, Scott Belsky Sir Ken Robinson, Oliver Stone, Tom Kelley, Malcolm Gladwell and Guy Kawasaki.

Check out video recaps of the 2015 (Oklahoma) and 2014 (Flanders) edition.

Reverse Missions

The Reverse Missions are yearly study visits to the member regions. Leading experts, entrepreneurs, public servants and policy makers from the DC network gather to explore a host region during a multi-day program that provides insights into the way the hosting region fosters creativity and innovation. Business meetings, site visits, presentations and workshops are worked out with the aim to bring inspiration, best practices and loads of useful contacts that can be translated to the other DC regions.

Check out a video recap of the 2016 Reverse Mission in North-Brabant.


The DCLivingLab is a specific program for students (and alumni) during the Reverse Mission and/or Creativity World Forum. The participants work on challenging topics of their choice related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. With the help of facilitators and the input of (inter)national experts the students come up with ideas and new images and new directions for solutions to societal issues. At the end of the program all participants present their solutions and new insights with the DC delegates during the final event of the Reverse Mission/Creativity World Forum.

A first DCLivingLab was organised in 2016 during the Reverse Mission in North-Brabant. The participating students shared their experiences on this blog

A second one is planned during the Creativity World Forum 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark. Subscription and more info on the DCLivingLab 2017:


To facilitate its mission, the DC network organizes at least one  thematic summit per year bringing together experts and people in the field to exchange insights and practices and to encourage joint collaboration. Summits are small in scale and aimed at deep exploration of each other’s insights, practices and tools. The focus is on the interaction between creative industries, academics and/or entrepreneurs in the field. Apart from sharing ideas and knowledge, the experts will gain insight in how a co-creation approach can add to innovation and bring new ideas and added value to the sector/theme/topic that is on the table.

International council and thematic working groups

The DC-members come together at four annual international council meetings to discuss projects, share information on regional activities and to exchange knowledge/ experiences. Next to this thematic working groups work out specific themes, such as the development of local creative industries community, co-creation & innovation or the impact of creativity on cities in transition.

Bilateral projects

The DC Network gives opportunities to create or initiate bilateral cooperation projects between the members or stakeholders in the member regions.In the past projects i.e. to share/develop tools, to gain knowledge on certain topics and student mobility projects were created. Past bilateral projects included i.e. Thinkkit EU and Exbased.