Founded in 2004, the District of Creativity (DC) Network unites 13 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world. Our international orientation makes us a unique network of regions that put creativity and innovation high on the agenda. 

Creativity World Forum 2017 in Aarhus: Expand Your Creative Horizon!

In 2017 the Creativity World Forum takes place on the Danish shores for the first time. Set in Denmark's rising city and the European Capital of Culture, Aarhus, the forum will be an immersive experience of creativity in context - a celebration of creativity. Read more


Creativity World Forum 2017 will be a two-day superfluity of high-level talks, breakout sessions, co-creation activities and satellite events across the city. Learn, get inspired, connect with potential collaborators and pick up career skills. The beautiful Concert Hall Aarhus will be the main venue and local enterprises, institutions and creatives welcome delegates for an exclusive insight into contemporary creativity. 

In 2017, the theme is “Creative Resilience: How to use creativity to develop cities on the rise” and focuses on how to make creativity work in the real world. Throughout the forum, we will zoom in on creative people, enterprises and cities and those specks of stardust that make creativity work, whether it is a personal approach, enterprise model, policy methodology or city plan. 

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Hong Kong Becomes a Member of the DC Network

During an international study visit in Noord-Brabant, Hong Kong was welcomed as the newest member of the Districts of Creativity Network.

The network was initiated by Flanders (Belgium) in 2004 as a group of regions around the world that put creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship high on the agenda. The exchange of knowledge an experiences supports the members in achieving the best conditions in their regions to create prosperity and well being through creativity and innovation.

Next to Hong Kong, the DC-Network exists of the following regions: Baden-Württemberg, Rhône-Alpes, Lombardy, Catalonia, Scotland, Central-Denmark, North-Brabant, Tampere, Oklahoma, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Karnataka and Flanders.

Pascal Cools, director of Flanders DC, the initiator and coordinator of the network is convinced by the added value of Hong Kong: “as a major gateway to Asia, Hong Kong can play an important part in the network. With events such as the Business of Design Week it has become an important creative business hub. The network and knowledge of our Hong Kong partner are a true asset for the DC-Network and we look forward to exchanging experiences and exploring cooperations. ”

William To, creative & programme director of PMQ, the organisation that represents Hong Kong in the network, also sees unique opportunities for Hong kong. “Hong Kong has always been a connector between the west and the east. We can share our experiences on creativity, but also learn from the other regions and countries across the world throughout this network.”


Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma

On March 31, Creative Oklahoma presents their Creativity World Forum. The forum will be both a gathering of the Districts of Creativity Network and a conference in its own right. Education and innovation specialist Sir Ken Robinson, Michael Strautmanis of The Walt Disney Company and Flanders DC manager Pascal Cools are some of the headliners of the Forum.

The theme of this special international Forum is “All Our Futures: Ideas That Matter,” based on Sir Ken Robinson’s widely acclaimed publication All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education. This 1998 publication was the culminating work of a special commission led by Sir Ken on the importance of creativity, education and the economy that led to sweeping changes in the UK during Tony Blair’s administration.

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Reverse Mission to be held in Brabant

Brabant will host the next Reverse Mission. From April 19th until April 22nd, experts, enterpreneurs, policy makers and educational experts of the DC regions can join a fact finding mission that will showcase Brabant's excellence in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.


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Reverse Mission North-Brabant: a video recap

Missed out on the last Reverse Mission in North-Brabant? Here's a video with some of the highlights!


The Reverse Mission is one of the yearly activities of the Districts of Creativity Network. During such a fact finding mission every member gathers a delegation of entrepreneurs, policy makers, educators, sector-representatives to visit one of the member-regions.


Reverse Mission to Oklahoma

Oklahoma will be hosting this years fact finding reverse mission for the Districts of Creativity. Kiplinger put Oklahoma City on his 'Great Cities for Starting a Bussiness list'. Forbes is keeping an eye on the city when it comes to startups and innovation. No coïncidence that this region is a member of our network. 

From March 26 till 28, Oklahoma will provide the opportunity to meet the organisations and key players in this booming region that will host the 2015 Creativity World Forum only a few days later. 


Creativity World Forum 2014

Together with the districts of creativity network, Flanders DC organises the Creativity World Forum in Flanders. Entrepreneurs, policy makers, students and researchers from all over the world will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and gain inspiration.

The Creativity World Forum is Europe’s biggest conference about entrepreneurial creativity. Inspiring speakers such as Guy Kawasaki, Tom Kelley and Daan Roosegaarde boost your drive to make creativity happen. Discover the event video and pictures

The Creativity World Forum will travel to Oklahoma, Bangalore and Aarhus next. Dates and speakers will be announced on this website. 

Check out the event video


Ice Live Business Forum

Meet the worlds leading business developers, innovation experts and entrepreneurs.

The 10th edition of Creativity World Forum will be organized in Finland for the very first time as a joint production with Ice Live Business Forum. Ice Live Business Forum is a leading edge, inspiring and mind-opening business event that will take you to the next level. Come and join us together with 1500 other participants for an exceptional business show like you've never experienced before.

IceLive will be held in Tampere, Finland on 30-31th of January 2014. Speakers such as Scott Belsky, Brian Tracy, Clayton Christensen, Seth Godin and Brian Tracy will inspire you with their thoughts on entrepreneurial creativity. Program and practicalities can be found here.


Creativity World Forum

Creativity World Forum is world's greatest event focused on innovation, creativity and business development.

Organized for the first time in 2004, The Creativity World Forum rotates yearly between DC regions. The event has attracted 1700-3500 visitors annually. Creativity World Forum brings together business professionals from various fields; CEOs, entrepreneurs, developers, researchers and public sector representatives from all over the world. They come to hear and change views on making businesses and organizations more innovative, creative and successful. The stars of Creativity World Forum are successful entrepreneurs, leaders and world's leading business developers.

You'll discover a glimpse of previous Creativity World Forum here. The next edition will be held in Oklahoma, on March 31. Speakers such as Sir Ken Robinson, Michael Strautmanis of The Walt Disney Company and Pascal Cools from Flanders DC will inspire you with their thoughts on entrepreneurial creativity. Program and practicalities can be found here.

Next Creativity World Forum will be held in Bangalore, India.

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Reverse Mission

Fact finding mission on innovation and entrepreneurial creativity.

During our Reverse Missions, leading public servants, policy makers and experts from the DC regions gather to explore a host region during a three day program that provides insights into the way the hosting region fosters creativity and innovation. Business meetings, site visits, presentations and workshops are worked out with the aim to bring inspiration, best practices and loads of useful contacts that can be translated to the other DC regions.

Reverse Missions were hosted/will be hosted by:

  • 2008: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • 2009: Karnataka, India
  • 2010: Catalunya, Spain
  • 2011: Tampere, Finland
  • 2012: Aarhus, Denmark
  • 2013: Flanders, Belgium
  • 2014: Lombardy, Italy
  • 2015: Oklahoma, USA
  • 2015: Scotland, UK
  • 2016: Brabant, the Netherlands